My ABC's of Teaching

My ABC's of Education
Whenever somebody asks me, "Steve, describe your philosophy on education" I always have the same answer.  "I'm glad you asked...but my name isn't Steve."  That may sound like an unexpected answer but life is full of unexpected things and being able to handle unexpected things is at the heart of being a great teacher.  That is definitely true but it is not my complete philosophy of education.  When it comes to education, I believe in the ABC's.

"A" is for "Accountability"
Everybody in education is accountable to somebody else.  Teachers are accountable to their administration, their colleagues, their students, and their parents.  That sounds obvious but what I am really referring to is the willingness to embrace accountability.  Everybody is accountable but not everybody embraces accountability.  When you embrace accountability you not only understand that other people depend on you, but you are driven to perf…

No Room 4 Ordinary

Congratulations!  You are reading the first post of a blog that is sure to catch the attention of at least half a dozen people in the blogosphere.  Some of those are my family members but maybe 1 or 2 people outside my family will enjoy my blog as well.  I'm starting this blog because I have a lot of thoughts about education and life in general (plus I want to hone my writing skills in the hopes of landing a book deal and a lifetime of lucrative speaking engagements).  As a high school administrator I have observed many different teachers and I have learned a lot about teaching.  As a middle-aged, married human with three children of my own I have also learned a lot about life.  My hope is that the people who read my posts will come away inspired, challenged, and perhaps slightly entertained.  Enough with the boring stuff...let's get down to business.

These days there is too much despairity in the world of education.  No, that is not a typo.  I just made up …